Australia Gungahlin



Exchange Rate: AUD


Property Information

This property in Canberra, Australia, has a variety of floor plans ranging from a two-story terrace and penthouse to a one- and two-bedroom option.The architectural design features an oval shape with a banded balcony surrounding the frontage and incorporates glass to allow solar access.


Features of Canberra's real estate

Canberra, the capital of Australia, has the highest university in the country and has the highest average wage in the country due to the concentration of government agencies.The population is also growing rapidly due to immigrants from other states.And there is no additional real estate purchase tax (8%) for non-residents, and stamp duty is very affordable compared to other states.And there is a $ 7,000 government grant for first home buyers.


Features of property

There is a 5-year rent guarantee (7%), which can be purchased for a deposit of $ 1000.It is a resort type high-rise condominium. From the highest penthouse in Canberra, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Gungahlin district, pond, cityscape and Black Mountain.Yerrabi Pond, 2 minutes walk to the market, 15 minutes drive to the city center of Canberra, 18 minutes drive to Canberra airport.


Average rent price・Estimated Gross rental yield

Average rents in Gungahlin:

1 Bedroom $370/pw

2 Bedrooms $480/pw

3 Bedrooms $550/pw

Estimated gross rental yield: approx. 4%