There are currently 28 countries in the EU, all of which have their own culture. The representative country has the world’s largest number of world heritage sites, Italy, which is famous for its food culture such as pizza and pasta, France, which has a famous city of art and art, and a cutting-edge city of fashion. There are Germany, which is famous for food culture such as beer and dosage, and Spain, which is known as a country of passion.

The typical urban climate in each country is that Rome, Italy, is the best season of the year with four seasons, low humidity and a comfortable climate. Temperatures in summer exceed 40 ° C. There is not much snow in winter, but a cold wind blows. France and Paris have four seasons, but the annual average temperature is not so high, and the weather can change easily even in summer. Munich, Germany, also has four seasons, and it is easy to spend less humidity in the summer, but there is less snow in the winter, but it is quite cold and may be below freezing in December. Barcelona, ​​Spain, is warm and the weather is not so bad. Summer is not so hot, and winter is not as cold as other cities.

There are many famous tourist destinations in Europe. For example, you can feel the history in Eiffel Tower, Mont Saint Michel, Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France, Colosseum in Rome, Venice, Florence, etc., and Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, etc. in Germany. In Spain, there are Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Granada and Cordoba, where the very famous Sagrada Familia church is located.

*Population/Median age(year) 727,200,939/37.7(2000) 743,102,600/41.8(2019) 728,823,373/46.9(2040, forecast)*Economic indicators, GDP growth rate of 2.0%, consumer price increase rate of 1.9%, unemployment rate of 6.8% The real estate price trend in Europe fell slightly after the Lehman shock, but has been increasing steadily since then. As a factor, the European Central Bank (ECB) has adopted a negative interest rate policy, so investment has accelerated and prices are expected to continue rising.*Real estate-related taxes・Acqusition tax, Stamp tax(Purchase)・Property tax, Residents tax(Holding)・Capital gains tax(Selling)*May vary due to country, region.