There are unique forms of traditional culture in Japan that have been handed down for many generations, with each influenced by neighboring countries and the West and evolving in their original way. Enjoying precious experience only available in Japan and deepening your exchange with Japanese people will enable you to get a better understanding of the allure of Japan.

The land of Japan is long and narrow, running north to south. The difference in temperature between Hokkaidoin the north and Okinawa in the south can be as much as 40 degrees(centigrade) in winter. The district difference in climatic conditions from season to season allow people to enjoy beautiful natural vistas all throughout the year.


Tokyo is the capital of Japan which is a center of economic, political, and cultural activities. Kyoto is one of the most popular tourist destination in the world and Osaka is a city where ordinary people have developed their own distinct food culture. Hokkaido is famous for ski resorts in winter and there are many places to enjoy food and sweets. There are more places to explore in Japan such as Okinawa, Tohoku, and Kyusyu.


*Population/Median age 2000,127,533,934/41.2 2019, 126,854,745/46.7 2040, 115,212,067/53.1(forecast) *Economic Indicator, GDP growth annualized, 2.2%, Total GDP$4971,000,000,000. Unemployment rate, 2.3%, Inflation rate, 0.7%. *With the collapse of the bubble in 1991, the average price of residential areas plummeted, and has remained almost flat since then. The price has risen moderately for the past five years, especially in Tokyo, where the average price of residential areas has increased by 100,000 yen per square meter compared to other cities.*Real estate-related taxes・Stamp tax, Registration license tax, Consumption tax, Acquisition tax(Purchase proeperty)・Property tax, City planning tax(Holding property)・Income tax, Residents tax(Renting out property)・Capital gains tax, Residents tax, Stamp tax, Consumption tax(Selling property)・Gift tax, Resistration & license tax, Acquisition tax(Giving property)・Registration & license tax, Inheritance tax(Inheriting property)*When purchasing real estate as a corporation, there are merits such as lower corporate tax than income tax, and demerits such as corporate resident tax.