The United Kingdom is officially called “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland” and consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, each with its own customs and culture. The population is 63 million and the official languages ​​are not only English but also Welsh, Scots, and Gaelic. The capital is London and the capital of England. I like culture and art because of the national character that respects manners. On the other hand, British people prefer liquor, and it is said that there are about 50,000 pubs in the UK, with beer and wine being especially preferred.

There is a lot of rain in London, England, but in fact, the rainfall is about one-third of Japan, and it’s an image that seems to be followed by light rain, rather than a set amount of rain. The weather is easy to change, and even if it’s sunny, it suddenly rains and gets cold and the temperature changes drastically. In summer, you may need a long-sleeved shirt or trainer. There are four seasons as in Japan, but there is no rainy season, and instead it is easy to rain throughout the year.


In London, there are the clock tower, the symbol of Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, a symbol, and the British Museum, where valuable items from around the world are displayed. Other attractions include Edinburgh Palace in Scotland, Stonehenge, and the University of Oxford, the world’s premier university that became the model for the magical school that appeared in the “Harry Potter” series. In addition, Liverpool and Manchester, the core cities of northeast England, are famous for their famous football clubs and the birthplace of the Beatles members.


*Population/Median age(year) 58,950,848/37.6(2000) 66,959,016/40.3(2019) 73,125,233/43.8(2040,forecast)*Economic indicators ・ Real GDP growth rate 1.8% ・ Nominal GDP total $ 2.852 billion ・ Per capita nominal GDP $ 40,158 ・ Consumer price increase rate 2.56% ・ Unemployment rate 3.8% * Real estate price trend ・ Lehman after 2008 Although real estate prices have fallen sharply due to the impact of the shock, prices have risen due to housing shortages due to increased immigration. London, in particular, has the highest demand for real estate as the center of England, with the highest average price of about £ 460,000, followed by the southeastern region, which is far apart at about £ 320,000.*Real estate-related tax・Stamp tax(Purchase)・Council tax, Income tax(Holding,rent out)・Capital gains tax(Selling)*There are no restrictions to purchase properties for foreigners. For corporate purchases, a 15% tax rate apples to residential property over £2 million.*May vary due to regional and tax changes.