The Philippines is a republic country located in Southeast Asia. The capital is Manila, and the largest city is Quezon. Official languages ​​are Filipino and English based on Tagalog, but various languages ​​are used depending on the region. There are Manila, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the city, and Cebu Island, which is famous as a beach resort. It is also a popular destination for studying English, and many people visit Japan every year. From the remnants of the colonial period, it has a unique culture that combines Western culture and Asian culture.

The Philippines has a tropical climate, warm throughout the year, with average temperatures between 26 ° C and 27 ° C. The rainy season is from June to November, and December to May are separated from the dry season, but there are significant differences depending on the region. In Cebu, there is no clear season throughout the year. You can also spend summer clothes throughout the year, but you may need to wear some of them because of the strong cooling effect.

The famous tourist destination in the Philippines is Cebu Island, famous as a resort. Many tourists visit Cebu every year. There are other places such as Palawan, El Nido, Colon and Bohol. These places continue to attract visitors, such as beautiful natural scenery and open beaches. In urban areas such as Manila, there are plenty of nature, as well as facilities where you can enjoy exciting attractions, museums, churches, and markets where you can feel the lives of local people.

*Population/Median age(year) 77,991,569/20.5(2000) 108,106,310/24.3(2019) 139,447,689/29.6(2040, forecast)*Economic indicators, population of about 100 million, GDP growth rate of 6.2%, inflation rate of 5.1%, unemployment rate of 5.3% The real estate price in the Philippines was affected by the Lehman shock in 2008, but since then the population has increased Along with this, the demand for young people and families is increasing, and it continues to rise.*Real estate-related taxes・Stamp tax, Transfer tax, Registration tax, VAT(Purchase)・Income tax(Holding, rent out)・Capital gains tax(Selling)*It is not able to purchase land for foreigners or foreign corporations, but can purchase properties. Regarding buildings, it is possible to purchase units of less than 40% of the total number of units of the building by the Condominium law.*May vary due to changes in tax systems.