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Magna Vita


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Property Information

This four-floor building is a high-quality residential apartment with studio apartments, one-bedroom and two-bedroom rooms. This building originally had only 36 rooms, and each room was too large to meet the needs of the area, but it was renovated by Magna Group, the developer who developed this property, and has 91 rooms It became a luxury apartment.


Magna Vita is located in the heart of lush West Surey, southwest of London, in a quiet town of Frimley. The town is conveniently located for both M3 and A3, and is just a short drive from the train station and nearby vibrant towns such as Camberley and Farnborough. It is also just a short walk from Frimley town center and High Street. Close to Waitrose, Frimley Lodge Park and Pennyhill Park.


Shared facilities include an entrance where you can sit and relax, a parking lot with a gate that can be opened and closed with an electronic key, an elevator, and a bicycle place. The interior is equipped with double glass windows, a wardrobe, a washing machine / dryer storage, etc., and has an elegant and sophisticated design.

Estimated property rent price・Gross rental yield

Average rent price in Frimley:

1 Bedroom approx.$860/month

2 Bedrooms approx.$1,000/month

Estimated rental yield:4%~5%




Magna Vita